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Ringkas helps digitize your real estate business by providing infrastructure connected to financial institutions. We work with leading property developers, property agencies, and prop-tech companies.

Simplify your work

We provide a place to manage all your task efficiently

Customer pipeline is visible in one simple dashboard, alongside the status of their KPR application

Register and manage projects containing all the property’s information and inventory

Monitor customer’s KPR process and assist them end to end

Organize Potential Homebuyers

Customer’s data will be stored in one place and can be used to calculate the right KPR fit for them.

Manage Property Inventory
Register and manage projects containing all the property’s information and stocks.
Track KPR Status
Check customer’s KPR process and assist them until the end.

Offers you can get

Increased Sales

Submit homebuyers KPR application to multiple financial instutitions in real-time

Reduce KPR Rejection Rate

Provide real-time credit capacity assessment to reduce KPR rejection risk & risk of buyback

Lower Operating Cost

Digitizing the KPR application from end-to-end

What our services have

Full platform features to increase sales and reduce operational costs
Processing digitalized homebuyer data & documents are up to 50% faster
Real-time update of inventory settings and status
Communicate easily between stakeholders to assist homebuyers in KPR process

Our Bank Partners

Our Property & Agent Partners

Let’s the landscape of property together!

Ringkas helps you build a more effective and efficient system so you can build better relationships with your clients, plus market-leading commission rates. plus market-leading commission rates.

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We redefined the KPR process from the ground up to be faster & more efficient with technology, ensuring seamless customer experience with trusted partners.